Title Visuma Vizošā Tumsa

Artist ZeMe

Genre Post-Folk

Price 10.00  incl. VAT

This is the duet’s debut album, which brings their newest compositions together with pieces that have already been performed live. Various electric and acoustic kokles (a traditional Latvian stringed instrument) were used in the recording, as well as electronic sounds carefully created from the sounds of assorted household items. All of this was complemented with double bass solos from our old friend Toms Poišs.

ZeMe’s creative work is based on the study of traditional cultural heritage, however the transformations it underwent during the creative process allow it to be defined as original music. The second piece, “Bumbulēt”, uses vocals by traditional caller Karlīne Puraviņa (recorded in 1968) from the Archives of Latvian Folklore.

  1. Saullēkts / Sunrise
  2. Bumbulēt!
  3. Miglas vāli / The Rolling Mist
  4. Veļu dziesma / The Song of the Ancestors
  5. Es gulu, gulu / I Saw in My Dream…
  6. Ūsiņš
  7. Koku čuksti /The Whispers of the Trees
  8. Visuma vizošā tumsa / The Glimmering Universe
  9. Urbānās dzīres / Urban Feast
  10. Saules grieži (aka Sidrabiņa lietiņš lija) / Solstice (aka Silver Rain)