Title Kokles un koklēšana Latvijā

Author Valdis Muktupāvels

Genre Literary CDs and books

ISBN 978-9984-39-959-1

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The book includes some historical background and research on the development of this ancient instrument kokle, as well as a guide to learn to play the kokle with diagrams, tunings, practical exercises, scores for Latvian songs and dances. In addition this book includes a CD with tunings and audio-exercises for listening and playing along. The book is written in Latvian with a full English translation.
“Valdis Muktupāvels is a master of kokles, a reasearcher and ethnomusicologist, a musician and composer and a diversified reviver of the old Latvian musical instrument. His book about kokles is concise, but abundant in facts. A splendid exploration of the instrument. All substantial aspecta of this specificē Latvian type of Baltic psaltery are reviewed. Historical, organological, pedagogical and artistical details go both to the roots and to the future.” Dr.Hannu Saha, Professor at the Sibelius Academy in Finland
This Project has been funded with support from the Latvian National Committee for UNESCO, the State Agency of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the State Culture Capital Foundation and the National Research Programme „Letonika”.

Book (117 p.) in Latvian and full English translation, incl. CD.

CD Koklētprieks

  1.  85 - Vingrinājumi un melodijas