Title Vaiņags

Artist Daba San

Genre Post-Folk

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The new album of the group is the result of a few years of work. The first song was created already in 2008, but the newest songs in the beginning of 2016. The songs unite organically into a concertprogramme, because their common themes are the different summer and sunny feelings. The best ideas come suddenly. Thus the name of the album “Vaiņags” – meaning wreath – came to the group as a wreath of summer flowers.

  1. Debesu kalējs
  2. Saule deva savu meitu
  3. Upes dziesma
  4. Dienvidus
  5. Pļavas dziesma
  6. Mošanās
  7. Saule zirgus peldināja
  8. Liju, liju, lietutiņ
  9. Lietus gaisi
  10. Vētras deja
  11. Drosmes dziesma
  12. Raganu vārdi
  13. Jūras meitas
  14. Divi