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SAMTAINĀ TUMSA / GLOWING DREAMS are unusual, different lullabies of the soul. Ancient songs with an unheard sound and interpretation, that cradle, soothe and console the soul, taking big and small deep deep within – to the most truthful self. Lullabies as the threshold between wake and sleep, between reality and dreams, between adulthood and childhood.

Leila Alijeva says: “These are songs that lull you into an ancient state of trance, when the borderline between the inner and the outer self becomes fragile and the usually invisible comes to light. Lullabies have always been an instrument to comfort people into peace and love, offering the feeling of safety and refuge, inspiring us to unite with our deepest inner world.”

“This is a powerful musical experience because it has come directly and has been relived through plant ceremonies at home and in other places of the world. It is a way to express gratitude through music for our own healing and creatively hand this further to the world. We would like this to become an instrument for everyone who is ready to  connect to the Soul, to gain peace and inspiration,” said by the Medicine woman ININ NINI.

  1. Invocation of Dreams
  2. Dream Ceremony
  3. Lullaby from the Heart
  4. God`s Lullaby
  5. Mother Earth`s Lullaby
  6. Lullaby from the Soul of the East
  7. Lullaby from the Soul of the West
  8. Lullaby from the Soul of the South
  9. Lullaby from the Soul of the North