Title Etnotranss

Artist Auļi

Genre Post-Folk

SKU 2010 CD_aaraa_01

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In their third album Etnotranss the bagpipe and drum music group Auļi are going on a conceptional journey of initiation through the underworld, travelling through time and various stages of passion, fear, power and friendship, meeting on their way mythical companions, transforming themselves several times and returning wiser and stronger. The well-known Latvian writer Laima Muktupavela has written texts for each of the pieces, which can be read while listening to the music and thus create an associative background.

  1. Diņķis
  2. Ozols
  3. Dieva dēli
  4. Zemzeme
  5. Karotājs
  6. Krustukrusti
  7. Naidnieks
  8. Dzīvais ūdens
  9. Senā zeme
  10. Tāltālu
  11. Brammanis
  12. Austras koks