Title Auļos

Artist Auļi

Genre Post-Folk

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In their second album the bagpipe and drum group Auļi are introducing more of their own compositions, that have been inspired by  different situations in everyday life – such as jamming in an elevator, or having a sleepless night. There are also traditional folk songs and melodies, such as the Midsummer song “Līgojami” sung by the opera singer Sonora Vaice.

  1. Ievads - bites un bungas
  2. Auļos
  3. Tymsiņš
  4. Līkais
  5. TEC Saulīte
  6. Līgojami
  7. Penicillum
  8. Kapenieks
  9. Liftilugu
  10. Deviņi
  11. Kas dimd
  12. Velladancis
  13. Rebaselugu