Auļi Concert Tour in Latvia “Ancestor`s Voices” in September 2019

The bagpipes and drums group “Auļi” announces its Latvian councert tour in September 2019 with a special international programme “Ancestor`s Voices”. The aim of the programme is to introduce the audience with a synthesis of experimental bagpipes and drums music with different traditional singing styles, such as throat singing.

“Ancestor`s Voices” is the new concert programme by the bagpipes and drums group Auļi in co-operation with musicians from different parts of the world. Auļi have traveled the world to meet singers who represent ancient and untypical singing traditions and techniques. Main emphasis is on strong male voices that are characteristic to a particular region. The compositions merge the singing from different geographic regions with the strong instrumental music of Auļi that is based in the Latvian tradition.

As the first guest singer of the programme we announce the throat singer from Mongolia Batzorig Vaanchig. The next three guest singers will be announced soon.

“We have gotten to know a couple of representatives of ancient singing traditions, and we have researched the way these voices sound together with bagpipes and drums as well as with Latvian traditional melodies. We invite you to gallop with us on this exciting and colourful journey!”


11.09.2019 VEF kultūras pils, Rīga

12.09.2019 Jelgavas kultūras nams, Jelgava

13.09.2019 Liepājas koncertzāle LIELAIS DZINTARS, Liepāja

14.09.2019 Valmieras Kultūras centrā, Valmiera

15.09.2019 Latgales vēstniecība GORS, Rēzekne

Tickets available here

Here is a special video interview with the Mongolian throat singer Batzorig Vaanchig, who explains his experience in music making, his inspirations and tells a tale about the origin of throat singing – it comes from the sounds a camel mother expressed while mourning for her lost baby calf.