About the Organization

The Culture Management Centre “Lauska” is a partner for independent artists and groups active in various cultural fields. “Lauska” helps to professionally organize and implement different projects and creative ideas. KMC “Lauska” works in the field of culture management:

  1. Project writing and fundraising
  2. Project coordination and administration
  3. Contacts, networking
  4. Translation (Latvian, English, German)
  5. Public relations and marketing
  6. Consulting in the different stages of projects
  7. Report writing
  8. Webpage design, programming and administration
  9. Interactive multimedia projects
  10. Production of: CDs, books, catalogues, other printed material
  11. Concerts and musical accompaniment of various events
  12. Professional studio recordings
  13. Folk music workshops and camps, concert lectures at schools in Latvia

The Culture Management Centre “Lauska” was founded on 29 January 2003 with the aim to support cultural processes and professional culture management in Latvia. Its founders are Daina Zalāne (born Zvidriņš), Juris Zalāns, Kristīne Lazdāne and Zinta Pone. It is a nonprofit organization and a registered charity. The head of the board is Daina Zalāne.

Official data

Kultūras menedžmenta centrs „Lauska”, biedrība

Reg. Nr.
Legal Address
“Ruķeļi”, Amatas pagasts, Amatas novads, LV-4141, Latvia
Bank Details
a/s Swedbank, HABALV22
IBAN Account No.
LV36 HABA 0551 0042 3225 5
Postal Address
Miera iela 54a-14a, LV1013 Riga, Latvia

The logo of the Culture Management Centre “Lauska”

The logo of the Culture Management Centre “Lauska” displays the oldest image of a musician found in Latvia the “Flute Player of Tērvete”, a 13th century drawing on a piece of clay plaster, found on the Tērvete castle mound. The original is in the collection of the Latvian History Museum.


Main Activities

Traditional Music and PostFolklore

KMC “Lauska” has the aim to promote folk music as a vivid and thrilling genre, by encouraging the research and preservation of traditional musical material, as well as by supporting new creative findings. KMC “Lauska” organizes musical camps and workshops for children and young people interested in folk music, different concerts and performances for groups and musicians, as well as produces and releases music CDs.

Web www.lauska/veikals · Facebook Lauska · Twitter /KMC_Lauska

Music Recording Studio “Lauska”

Lauska StudijaStudija “Lauska” offers professional recording opportunities for musicians, groups and diverse projects. The recording studio is located in Riga, and is equipped with modern technologies and managed by an experienced sound engineer Kaspars Bārbals, who specializes in recording traditional instruments and music.

Web www.lauska.lv/studija · Facebook /StudijaLauska

The first Latvian Online Folk Radio RADIO OIRA


RADIO OIRA provides the opportunity to listen to Latvian Folk Music 24/7 in the whole world. RADIO OIRA is created and maintained by Edgars Skrāģis. Future plans include thematic broadcasts about Latvian traditional music, live broadcasts of folk music concerts and recordings, as well as interviews with Latvian and other folk musicians. RADIO OIRA is financially supported by The State Culture Capital Foundation.

Web www.radiooira.lv · English Web www.folkradio.lv

Our people

Daina Zalāne // © Jordi NN

Daina Zalāne

Phone +371 2915 6686
E-Mail daina@lauska.lv

KMC “Lauska” Head of the Board, Bookkeeping, Project Management

Daina Zalāne (b. Zvidriņa) born in Germany, lived in Bremen and graduated from the Latvian Gymnasium in Münster/Westf. Moved to Latvia in 1994, studied at the Latvian Academy of Culture Intercultural Relations between Latvia and Great Britain. Received an MA in Arts Management at City University in London, U.K. Translates both oral and written Latvian German English.

From 2001 to 2006 worked at the Latvian National Opera in the International Relations and Development department, in 2005 moved to the Production department. Since 2006 worked at the Commercial department of an international construction company. In 2010 founds her own company SIA “Jumala” that provides consultancies in project management and bookkeeping for arts and nongovernmental organizations. Sings at the folklore group “Savieši”.

Juris Zalāns // © Jordi NN

Juris Zalāns

Phone +371 2956 6995
E-Mail juris@lauska.lv

Project management, publishing

Studied at the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the Latvian University, graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree.

From 1989 to 1990 worked as elementary school teacher in the Latvian village “Lejas Bulāna” in Siberia, Russia. Co-founder of the Latvian Anthropologists Association and participant in several oral history projects. Co-founder of a number of NGOs. Long term experience in project writing and music management as well as publishing of music recordings, books, magazines and other printed material. Many years worked as project manager at the publishing company N.I.M.S.

Since 2009 works at the museum and research centre “Latvians Abroad” www. lapamuzejs.lv

Kaspars Bārbals // © Jordi NN

Kaspars Bārbals

Phone +371 28376398
E-Mail studija@lauska.lv

Sound engineer and head of recording Studio “Lauska”.

Creative leader of bagpipes and drums group “Auļi” participant at pagan metal group “Skyforger“. Plays the kokle, flute, but mainly bagpipes. In 2007 he establishes his own recording studio “Lauska”, where most of the recordings released by “Lauskas” are recorded and produced. Participant in many musical projects.

Jordi NN // © Jordi NN

Jordi NN

E-Mail jordinn@lauska.lv

KMC “Lauska” Ethno-Photographer and Web-Developer

Jordi NN ( Jordi Navarro Navarrete ), born 1985 in Valencia, Spain.

Interdisciplinary artist and creative mind, he began to produce art projects in his teens. During his career he has studied different fields of multimedia arts (design, photography, video, conceptual art) and classic arts (sculpture, drawing, painting).

Since 2010 Jordi NN has become an internationally known artist with his first exhibitions outside Spain. Since that he has participated, developed and created projects in different countries such as  Greece,Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, the U.S., etc.

Amanda Jātniece

Amanda Jātniece

E-Mail lauska@lauska.lv

Specialized translations in folklore and traditional music.

Born in Minneapolis (United States), grew up in a bilingual family and earned a bachelor’s degree in linguistics from the University of Minnesota. Also studied at the Latvian Gymnasium in Münster, Germany. Has lived in Latvia since 2004, where she works as a translator, editor and proofreader. Is active in the local traditional music community; has participated in the Latvian folk groups Teiksma, Lini, Savieši and various other music projects.