Immerse yourself in the Dolby Atmos sound of the new album by Auļi “Visapkārt” (Immersive)

The new album “Vispakārt” (Immersive) by the Latvian bagpipe and drum music group has been recorded using the newest sound technology – Dolby Atmos. 

We are used to listen to music in the conventional stereo format through two loudspeakers, that restrict the spacious sound. The Dolby Atmos technology eliminates these sound barriers und creates a new experience for the listener, a feeling that one is immersed in the sound from all sides.

Here is a short video that compares these technologies 

The album “Visapkārt” by “Auļi” can be listened to in Stereo format on all streaming platforms 

The owners of home theatres can enjoy it in Dolby Atmos format on Tidal

Composers of the instrumental pieces of the album “Visapkārt” are the group members Kaspars Bārbals, Mārtiņš Miļevskis and Edgars Kārklis. Each of the authors has used the possibilities provided by  Dolby Atmos to virtually throw the listener into the centre of the whirl of drums and bagpipe music.  

The leader of Auļi and sound engineer at Studio Lauska Kaspars Bārbals explains: “When I heard that the Dolby Atmos technology has become more accessible and it is used already in cinemas, but also at home, I decided to try out the possibilities provided by Netflix and Apple TV. In both these services there are many movies and TV shows that can be watched with the full sound potential even in your bedroom of your apartment. When the companies  Dolby and Avid announced that every sound recording studio will have the possibility to work with Dolby Atmos, provided it has arranged for the necessary adjustments and the results can be published in the streaming platform Tidal – I had no doubt – the new album of Auļi had to be created using this technology!”

The composer and drummer at Auļi Mārtiņš Miļevskis: “We decided to compose  12 instrumental compositions for the album.  The concept included that in addition to bagpipes and drums we will use any other instrument that seems suitable and thus we did. During the process of composing we kept in mind that the sound will be surrounding the listener, which made the arranging of the pieces prticularly interesting. In this format the listener can hear much more, because the sound is not compressed into two loudspeakers. There is a feeling of unlimited spaciousness”.

In addition “Auļi” have prepared twelve videoclips for each of the musical pieces that characterize in one way or another each of the group members.

Talking about the result, the composer and bagpiper of Auļi Edgars Kārklis comments: “I think that this Auļi album sounds great! We can hear the most detailed nunces of the arangements. The sound of each piece has been created just like I had imagend while composing!”

The album is released by Lauska

The Album is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation (Valsts kultūrkapitāla fonds).