Auļi Concert on June 4th at Vidzeme Concerthall “Cēsis” SOLD OUT


The Latvian Bagpipes and drums group “Auļi” will release a new album “Gadalokos” at the beginning of June dedicated to the seasons of a year. Each of the members of “Auļi” has composed a new piece to reflect on his or her feelings about one particular season.

The group was founded in 2003 and developes bagpipe and drum music in Latvia. They have always gained inspiration from traditional music and use elements of traditional tunes, but also compose their own pieces.

The bagpipes and drums group “Auļi” new album “Gadalokos” presentation will take place on Saturday, June 4th in Cēsis at the Vidzeme Concerthall “Cēsis”.

Special guests at the concert will be Valdis andRūta Muktupāveli, who will perform in the first part of the concert their programme „Mani balti bāleliņi“, dedicated to the ancient and contemporary Baltic tribes.

The concert is SOLD OUT, but you will be able to watch the concert LIVE STRAUME.LMT.LV

Listen to the piece “Ziedu laiks” from the new album”Gadalokos”: