Title Vairas dziesmas
SKU 2008 CD021
Price 10.00  incl. VAT

Through her scientific research and publications about Latvian folk songs Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga has helped both Latvians and those of other cultures  to better understand Latvian traditional culture and its values. From 1999 to 2007 Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga served as President of the Republic of Latvia.

Every person has a few favorite songs, some maybe learned in childhood, others associated with a particular occasion or person, or songs that hold special meanings for us because of the emotions that they evoke. The songs in this album – Vaira’s songs – form part of her own personal repertoire. They are only a small part of it and each one could call to mind many more where these came from.

  1. Ej, māsiņa, tautiņās (instrumentāls) - 1:35
  2. Lustīte mana, laimīte mana - 3:01
  3. Laima sēdi liepiņā - 2:16
  4. Es iejūdzu vāverīti - 3:53
  5. Jo ievai balti ziedi - 3:16
  6. Velējosi, skalojosi - 5:09
  7. Pilna upe baltu ziedu - 2:36
  8. Upītē olu metu - 4:14
  9. Ko tu raudi, kas tev kait - 4:26
  10. Saulīt, mana krustamāte - 3:46
  11. Saulesteka (instrumentāls) - 2:27