Title tautumeitas – Vinyl

ARTIST Tautumeitas

GENRE Post-Folk

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Tautumeitas started with traditional singing and treid to echo the traditional chanters. The closer they got to songs, th ecloser the songs got to them, until it seemed natural to intertwine it with everything that they had heard and felt in this world as their own. Now they play folk songs using voices and timbrally appealing instruments to involve in the sound their senses and notions of time and space.


  1. Intro
  2. Sadziedami
  3. Pāde
  4. Raganu nakts
  5. Vainagu deja
  6. Bērziņš
  7. Pelīte
  1. Raudi raudi
  2. Sastdīne
  3. Ūgas
  4. Bārainīte
  5. Aiz azara
  6. Dai citas meitas