Title Pagānu gadagrāmata

Artist Gaudeamus

Genre Post-Folk, Choir Music

SKU 2018 CD080

10.00  incl. VAT


Song cycle “Pagan Yearbook” by composer and multi instrumentalist Uģis Prauliņš was first released in 1998. Now, 20 years later, in response to the initiative of Artistic director of Riga Technical University male choir “Gaudeamus” the cycle has gained a different, more powerful and fresh sound. The current version is arranged for male voices, soloists and ethno-rock band.

The Pagan Yearbook is a song cycle reflecting the constantly changing seasons as observed in the countryside, at places seldom visited these days – by rivers that run day and night, by a sea that surges in a life of its own, wildflower meadows that are habitats for birds, and forests that are sanctuaries to wild animals.

  1. Atkusnis / The Thaw
  2. Pavasaris / Spring
  3. Vasara / Summer
  4. Rudens / Autumn
  5. Ziema / Winter