Title Senču balsis – Voices of the Ancestors

Artist Auļi

Genre Post-Folk

SKU 2019 CD090
Price 10.00  incl. VAT

In this album “Auļi” blend bagpipe-and-drum music with expressive vocals representing singing traditions from around the world. Powerful male voices perform throat singing by Batzorig Vaanchig (Mongolia) , Sami joik by Kai Somby (Norway), yodelling by Albin Paulus (Austria) and Latvian folksongs by Edgars Lipors.

In preparation for this programme, Auļi travelled to the places where these singing traditions originated and can still be heard. Now, accompanied by this music, listeners can head out on the same journey.

  1. Bērītim, kumeļam 4:00 video
  2. Hunnu guren 3:58 video
  3. Almerlied Huidirdio 3:47 video
  4. Orbina 3:52 video
  5. Tēva bites 4:55
  6. Tavan Hasag 3:49
  7. Auerhahnjodler 3:51
  8. Uhcavieljaš 3:40
  9. Chinggis Khaan 5:07
  10. Maijodler 3:50
  11. Eallin 3:29
  12. Dzelzs vārdi 5:02