Life in two languages

Culture Management Centre „Lauska” in co-operation with the Latvian Language Agency has started a project ” Life in two languages” („Dzīve divās valodās”).

We are interviewing Latvians who have grown up in mixed families outside of Latvia, and where one of the parents has inheriting Latvian language as one of the family languages thus passing this language natuarly on to the next generation. We are also interested in mixed families nowadays who raise their children abroad and where one of the parents talks to its children Latvian.

Bilingualism has historically always been a hot topic among exile Latvians all around the world, but during the recent age of globalization, when many Latvians emigrate and establish families with members of other countries, this theme has gained new topicality.

Nowadays there is no doubt and it is scientifically proven thatit is favourably to raise children bilingually thus fostering their intellectual development, as well as their conscious identity and  affiliation to one or the other culture.

There are many benefits to a life in two languages, but bilingualism in a family also faces many challenges. We will talk with these families about their different practices and experiences.

For now the first short video-interviews have been published and you can follow the path of this project on its facebook page.

In the near future it is planned to publish more videointerviews, but in the longer term we are planning to publish a book with the whole interviews and comments.

Project is lead by Juris Zalāns, video and editing Jordi NN.