ZeMe releases its first album “Visuma Vizošā Tumsa”

ZeMe is an originative musical duo deeply inspired by the mythology of the Earth. : the kokle virtuoso Laima Jansone and electronic musician, scratch DJ, turntablist and producer Monsta (Uldis Cīrulis).

The album “Visuma Vizošā Tumsa” will be released on 16th May. Later this year in September 20th the programme will be performed in the concert “Visuma vizošā tumsa” in the venue “Mūzikas namā Daile” in Riga.

Monsta and Laima Jansone met musically in 2015. gadā, when they played the concert programme “Zeme” that gave the name to their group – “ZeMe”. “Visuma vizošā tumsa” – the “Glimmering Universe” is explained by Laima Jansone: “ The universe is never completely dark. It faintly reflects the light of stars. The sun, with its brightness, warms the ZeMe [Earth]. A place where not only the rhythms of the city and the songs of birds exist, but also many beginnings and departures.”

Monsta tells about the origin of the piece: ““Visuma vizošā tumsa” was created during improvisations, when we were jamming with Laima in the studio. As time passed we stuck to one idea that we both liked until it resounded in the form of a musical piece representing the Universe.”

This is the duet’s debut album, which brings their newest compositions together with pieces that have already been performed live. Various electric and acoustic kokles (a traditional Latvian stringed instrument) were used in the recording, as well as electronic sounds carefully created from the sounds of assorted household items. All of this was complemented with double bass solos from our old friend Toms Poišs. ZeMe’s creative work is based on the study of traditional cultural heritage, however the transformations it underwent during the creative process allow it to be defined as original music. The second piece, “Bumbulēt”, uses vocals by traditional caller Karlīne Puraviņa (recorded in 1968) from the Archives of Latvian Folklore.

On September 20 in the venue “Mūzikas namā Daile” the concert programme “Visuma vizošā tumsa” will be performed . This programme is like a link between two worlds – the contemporary and the traditional, piece and wildness, the fragile and the unshakable, the serious and playfulness. This is provided by electronic and acoustic kokles, as well as electronic sounds created by different household items, supplemented by the friend and contrabase player Toms Poišs.

In addition there will be dancers who will express the rhythms and heartbeat of nature, as well as a scenography that will release the glimmering darkness of the Universe and the play between darkness and light.

Tickets available at “Biļešu paradīze”.