ZeMe prepares for its first special concert @ Concerthall Daile in Riga on 20th September

The duet ZeMe released in May this year its debut album “Visuma vizošā tumsa” (Lauska/CPL-Music) and is now preparing for its first self-produced concert in Riga at the Concerthall Daile on 20th September @ 7 p.m.

In ZeMe =two creative personalities meet: the queen of the kokle Laima Jansone and the DJ champion, master of electronic music Monsta (Uldis Cīrulis). The music unites an acoustic meditative space with contemporary rhythms, electronic music in interplay with live performance, well-known traditional melodies and original compositions with playful improvisations.

Although the colaboration between Laima Jansone and Monsta has gained already some visibility, this is the first time, the artists are producing their own concert, inviting guest artists, like the base-player Toms Poišs, contemporary dancers Ksenija Simanova and Jānis Putniņš, as well as choreographer Guna Trukšāne and the folkdance ensemble Līgo. Scenographer Liene Mežule and light designer Oskars Timbars will take care of the visual side of the concert.

ZeMe will play pieces from the album “Visuma vizošā tumsa”, but there will be also some new compositions, that will draw the audience into a mythical creation story, taking people through the human life cycles from a symbolic Sunrise to Sun Equinoxes.

More about the concert preparations can be found in social media:

The concerthall provides seats in the balcony, and standing room in the hall.
Tickets are available here www.bilesuparadize.lv .