Auļi start a new international project with music video “Hunnu Guren”

The Latvian bagpipe and drum music band “Auļi” is currently working on an international project researching ancient singing techniques and their co-sounding with bagpipes and drums. In March 2018 Auļi members Kaspars Bārbals and Gatis Indrēvics traveled to Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, to visit and co-operate with reknown Mongolian throat singer Batzorig Vaanchig. During their work in the sound studio they recorded three Mongolian songs sung and played by Batzorig Vaanchig on the string instrument Morin Khuur. While working with the songs they were adjusted to the specific sound of bagpipes and drums band “Auļi”, so they could be further arranged. In July 2018 all the members of “Auļi” went to Mongolia, to record a video clip for the song “Hunnu Guren”. The Gorkhi-Terelj National Park was chosen upon recommendation of Batzorig as film setting. Filming took place for four days. Director: Kaspars Bārbals; camera: Gatis Indrēvics, Edgars Grundšteins

The aim of the project is to introduce the Latvian as well as the international audience with a synthesis of experimental drum and bagpipe music with throat singing, where Mongolian and Latvian traditional music can interact and harmonise.

Mongolia was chosen as film setting, because the song is based on a poem about the Hun Empire. The presented mightiness and wideness of the Mongolian nature creates a feeling about the ancient events and their energy both for Auļi and the viewer. It is a journey in time and space.

The project is supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation and Latvijas Finieris.

Photo: Gatis Indrēvics