Title Гуляю, Гуляю / Guljaju, guljaju – walking around

Artist Reelroadъ

Genre Post-Folk

SKU 2007 CD018

10.00  incl. VAT


Reelroad’s repertoire favors obscure folk songs from northern Russia and central Siberia, music driven underground for decades.

Reelroad has two styles of performing Russian folk music. The first echoes the village with the sound of Russian instruments such as the gusli (zither), zhaleika (fife) and kaljuka. Traditional vocals are prominent, due in part to Reelroad members Anastasia Karaseva and Aleksandrs Dmitrijevs, founders of the authentic village choir “Dubinushka.” Acoustic guitar, violin, flute and bagpipes round out the sound. In the second style, developed for the large stage, Reelroad projects and amplifies the village sound with bass guitar and drums.

  1. А В Нашем Садочке / Mūsu dārziņā - video
  2. Растоплялась Парна Баенка / Pirtiņa kurties kūrās - video
  3. Верба / Verba
  4. На Дворе Дождь! / Ārā lietus! - video
  5. Ты Заря / Saullēkts - video
  6. Гуляю, Гуляю / Staigāju apkārt - video
  7. А На Горе Мак / Kalnā magones
  8. Павлин / Pāvs
  9. Тюря / Tjurja - video
  10. Лён / Lini - video
  11. Посею Моё Горе / Izkaisu savu bēdu