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LEILALI (Leila Alijeva) is a charismatic singer born in Latvia to a Latvian mother and an Aserbaijan father. Her heritage defined her interest in both cultures which led to the unique synthesis of Aserbaijan mugham singing and Latvian folkmusic. While studying in Baku, Aserbaijan, Leila Alijeva’s enthusiasm and talent attracted Aserbaijani musicians as well as media interest.
Among the most important concerts is the 50th Anniversary concert of Mugam master Qezenfer Abbasov, World Music Festival “Porta” in Riga, as well as the International Mugam Festival “Space of Mugam” in 2015. Leila has participated in various musical projects and recordings together with the World Music Rhythm Group “Pulsa Efekts”, “Dobra Notch”, “Alerujson”, “Rick Feds Society”, “Laimas Muzykanti” a.o.

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