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Dolby Atmos Music Studio

Frequent Ask Questions

Please visit Dolby for detailed info

You have to send us your music files, we will create Dolby Atmos Mix and send it back to you for qualty control.

In this stage we would like to communicate with the original Mixing or Recording Engineer to provide us with as much detailed stems or tracks as possible. 24 bit, 48 kHz wav files are preferred.

For quality control playback on consumer devices check out these options.

You can ask you Label to provide this service or you can DIY with such agregators as CD Baby, Distrokid, AvidPlay etc.

We provide our mixes ready for publishing according to Dolby Atmos Music Delivery Specification. However if you want you can send our mixes to dedicated Mastering studio as well.

The price for one song is 300€ including 2 revisions. We will charge 50€ for additional revision. Every project is different and if we mix whole album or several albums the price can be negotiable.

Dolby does not issue certificates for music studios. Only studios that works for cinema needs to be certified. However you can find LAUSKA on Dolby Atmos Music Studio List at Dolby Professional.