New album “Trejdeviņi koklētāji”

Music – Laima Jansone – Pavasara grīslis

The book and audio CD represents the various types of kokle that are played nowadays in Latvia. In the book the different kokle players comment about their experiences in kokle playing, but the CD includes 13 different musical pieces played with different kokles – from traditional to electronic and concert-kokles.

Listen to one piece “Melnā jūra”, by Valdis Muktupāvels (kokle) and Ainars Šablovskis (alt saxophone):

The album “Trejdeviņi koklētēji” will be presented on Saturday, May 21 in Liepāja at the city celebration “Līvas ciema svētki”, whose main theme this year is the kokles. More information you can find here:

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