New album by Singer-Songwriter Imants Daksis – concert on 11th June

On 11th June the new album by Imants Daksis “Mūžīgā ģeogrāfa piedzīvojumi” will be released

Album presentation will take place on 11th June

 at 9 p.m in  “Darbnīca” – Aristīda Briāna iela 9, Riga.


Mūžīgā ģeogrāfa piedzīvojumi”  – Adventures of the eternal Geographer – is a mainly accoustic recording, with added sounds from different environments, electric guitar, and some other instruments. A special sound is the beat of the stomping feet of Imants Daksis, which until now could be heard only in his life performances. Now it has been recorded for the first time and adds a new character and sound to the songs.

Two songs of the new album can be heard here: Juris Justs

The album was released thanks to the donations of the listeners.

Entrance to the concert is free, start at 21.00, in “Darbnīca” (Aristīda Briāna iela 9, Riga).


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