Glowing darkness / First Lullaby ceremony

SAMTAINĀ TUMSA / GLOWING DREAMS are unusual, different lullabies of the soul sung by LEILALI. Ancient songs with an unheard sound and interpretation, that cradle, soothe and console the soul, taking big and small deep deep within – to the most truthful self. Lullabies as the threshold between wake and sleep, between reality and dreams, between adulthood and childhood..

We invite you to participate in an authentic, deep, healing lullaby ceremony that was created in gratitude and power.
Together with the Medicine woman ININ NINI and M O O N L I G H T tribe.

We will meet on 13th November at 7.19 p.m. in Ģetrūdes ielas teātris, to experience the first lullaby ceremony lead by the singer LEILALI and storyteller ININ NINI, the musicians Laura Melne and Viesturs Melders. Present in the magical ceremony will be Plants, Scents, Sounds, Beauty and Friends.

Previous registration for the event :

Investment: 21 EUR
Including the album: 33 EUR
Donations welcome.



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