Unique Livonian music album Jūrd. Saknes. Roots
The Livonian music album JŪRD/SAKNES/ROOTS unites songs in the languages of the different Livonian tribes that were located in Latvia. These traditional songs and melodies have been interpreted by the composers Uģis Prauliņš, Laima Jansone and Edgars Beļickis. This album unites an eclectic mix of choir, ethnic and world music elements.  JŪRD/SAKNES/ROOTS was innitiated by the conductor […]
Glowing darkness / First Lullaby ceremony
SAMTAINĀ TUMSA / GLOWING DREAMS are unusual, different lullabies of the soul sung by LEILALI. Ancient songs with an unheard sound and interpretation, that cradle, soothe and console the soul, taking big and small deep deep within – to the most truthful self. Lullabies as the threshold between wake and sleep, between reality and dreams, between adulthood […]
“Folk & great Tunes from Latvia” released in Germany
The label “Lauska” has started a close co-operation with the German label “CPL Music” this year that has resulted in the re-release of the albums by Auļy and Tautumeitas “Lai māsiņa rotājas”, as well as the first solo album by Tautumeitas. CPL Music also now has released the double album “Folk & great Tunes from Latvia” featuring […]
Auļi start a new international project with music video “Hunnu Guren”
The Latvian bagpipe and drum music band “Auļi” is currently working on an international project researching ancient singing techniques and their co-sounding with bagpipes and drums. In March 2018 Auļi members Kaspars Bārbals and Gatis Indrēvics traveled to Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, to visit and co-operate with reknown Mongolian throat singer Batzorig Vaanchig. During their work […]
Compilation of kolkhoz-era songs by ethnographic ensemble “Vabaļis”
On this album the “Vabaļis” ethnographic ensemble presents a compilation of kolkhoz-era songs that were sung mainly at informal events and gatherings. The songs contain rather grim humour and reflect an ironic attitude towards everyday life under Soviet rule. Presentation of the album will take place on 16 September at 12 a.m. in Vabole Culture […]
Neues Album von Dinārs Gulbis “Kad”
Šovasar izdevniecībā «Lauska» klajā nācis Salaspils dziesminieka Dināra Gulbja nu jau otrais CD albums „KAD’’. Tajā ietvertas 18 dziesmas – katra ar savu noskaņu un pārdzīvojumu, ko rada Dināram vien raksturīgais izpildījums un izmantotā izcilu latviešu dzejnieku dzeja. Muzikālo skanējumu pilnveidot līdzējuši ģitārspēles meistari Kaspars Zemītis un Reinis Jaunais kā arī muziķi no Reiņa grupas […]
Primordial Baltic Songs – Lithuanian Sutartines Workshop
19th July 2018 6 p.m. Kultūras un tautas mākslas centrā “Ritums” Jauniela 29a, Riga Old Town Laurita, Lithuanian folk singer and preserver, invites to experience “Sutartines” – the archaic, polyphonic songs that came from the hearts of Lithuanian ancestors. These multipart chants are usually descrbed as mantras because of their meditative ritual power. While singing […]
Open-air screening of „The Last Pagans of Europe” in Valmiermuiža
Another churning event preceding the Ethno-Festival „SVIESTS 2018”, will be the open-air screening of the just released documental drama “The Last Pagans of Europe” on 8th June at 10 p.m. in Valmiermuižas Manor Park.  Directed by the Ābeles brothers, this movie is taking us back to the 13th century, the time when the Baltic tribes living […]
First album of the World Music Group “Lata Donga”
On Thursday May 24th at 8 p.m. in Valmiermuižas alus vēstniecība in Riga (A.Briāna iela 9a) the Latvian World Music Group Lata Donga will present its first album “Variācijas”. The concert is part of the churning concerts in preparation of the Ethno Festival „Sviests 2018”, in Valmiermuiža. The heart of the group is a family of folkmusicians […]